Payment mega trends.

Those who know the market know the way.

The world of payment is in constant evolution, but we’re always a step ahead. Today we’re already working on solutions for the day after tomorrow. We’re happy to share the most interesting trends with you in our Payment Insights.


Gen Z

The young generation is calling for new values and sustainable, responsible action. Always authentic. And different. It’s all about experiences, not just products.


1 holiday
1 marketplace.


billion US dollars turnover

in a single marketplace in just one day?

That’s Single’s Day in China.

Black Friday & Co.

are being increasingly reinterpreted. If you have a genuine shopping experience to offer, you won't need to resort to rock-bottom prices.


Event shopping

A real opportunity for large, small, stationary and digital shops. 
And a very real challenge for the payment infrastructure.




1-click shopping

anywhere, anytime, without having to reenter credit card details? The discerning instant shopper says: "I’m happy. Can't wait to do it again".


But how important is M-commerce in Germany and Europe at the moment?

“Mobile first” doesn't apply to all payment methods – the proportion of smartphones in all methods is less than 10%



€ 118.52

is the average shopping cart value for smartphone purchases in the retail sector. Significantly lower than the shopping cart value on a desktop (€ 143.69) or tablet (€ 142.07).